American Music Awards


So I am seeing a lot of news from the American Music Awards, specifically about Adam Lame-bert. The over the top wannabe rocker tried to vamp up his performance not by trying to sing better, but by trying to be controversial. People are upset over the performance for various reasons, but I think they are all overlooking the real reason to be upset… his blatant use of his sexual orientation to be talked about as opposed to his actual talent. Coming from American Idol, very few seem to make it very far. (Kelly Clarkson being one of the few) Most of them start out big because the company has so much money to promote them, but then once they realize they are a flop, it is time to move on to the next season. Critics are outraged from Lame-bert’s sexual escapades on stage (mainly for showing how gay he is instead of hiding it like they would prefer). The blatant and sad attempt to be talked about includes, him dragging a woman by the leg, Lame. We all know he wouldn’t have touched that kind of chicken thigh. Secondly, grabbing one of his male back up dancers and simulating a blow job, Lame. We get it, your gay. And thirdly, kissing his “straight” androgynous keyboardist, after taking a little tumble and rolling on the floor before picking himself back up, Lame. Again… We get it, your still gay. However, that one did take me awhile because I always thought he was a lesbian, my bad, I guess it is a boy. How long do you think Lame-bert’s flame will last before it goes out? Probably a lot sooner before this flaming queen does.

Moving on to greater flaming things, Lady Gaga performed Bad Romance, then went on to smashing a mirror and then playing a piano while it was on fire. Her performance on the piano, Speechless, was a sneak peek to more of her new album The Fame Monster, which is due out today. Many people are upset with this being considered a new album because it is under the same name and has all of the old songs, plus some new ones. I think people have failed to notice that there are the songs from the old album, including some that were not on the original album, PLUS 8 new songs. That comes to 10 new songs that were previously not available to you. That is equivalent to a new album, if not more than some other artists albums. It is an artistic expansion based off to The Fame, and I think that there are other more blatant artists who re-release an album with only one or two songs just for the money that should be focusing your time and energy on.

XoXo – Loves The Gaga – XoXo

And The final award of the night for
the most Mofugly appearance goes to

Picture Courtesy Of

I don’t even know what to say about this mess. Everything from the neck up is just horrendous, the blackened eyebrows accompanied by the mega bleached q-tip on his head is just brutal. It looks like he was caught in a cotton candy machine.




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