Christmas Krampus

Merry Christmas to you all!! Are you offended? Probably not, and if you are, you are a drama queen. If you do not celebrate Christmas don’t shut it down for others. Say thank you, but I do not celebrate Christmas, but I hope you enjoy yours. People now a days are too sensitive. Any chance for people to start something over nothing is usually welcomed, rather than overlooked. Happy Christmas is usually heard from Europeans. It is not that far off, so whats the problem? And now there is this whole, say Happy Holidays that way we are all included in the fun and we can all be happy and peaceful. Has that ever worked? Is there ever a uniformed happiness or peace throughout the world. No and there never will be, because everybody is too busy pushing their beliefs on others and being too dramatic. Take a breath… Move on… Get over it. I know I have. People have made the comment that Merry Christmas has too much christian influence, and since you aren’t christian therefore you cannot say it, so you must have your own. Christmas has become more of a non-religious based holiday, depending on your religion to begin with. Christians have certain things that they celebrate at christmas, and people who don’t celebrate something different. Therefore, there was no problem, but naturally, someone had to make one. Many symbols in western society that are associated with Christmas have been taken from non-Christian pagan traditions that even pre-date the birth of Jesus. The word Christmas comes from the word Cristes Maesse, or “Christ’s Mass” giving it a Christian origin, but we all know Merry Christmas sounds better than Happy Holidays. You could say that all year round. Happy Holidays, its national boob day!….. Although this is a blatant attempt to attack religion for pushing their beliefs on non-believers, no one will ever be happy. Do whatever you want, believe whatever you want, and stop being so frustrating.

we all know Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Santa

Another negative associated with Christmas is the commercialism aspect. Everybody does not agree with it, yet we all seem to perpetuate the materialistic association. On one hand, I would like to say that it is more about giving presents than it is getting them, but lets just stop and take a look at this. Everybody likes to get gifts and be spoiled at least a little bit. It is not Christmas’ fault for this. It is the people and department stores, business and profit! Stores make a ton of money off of us at christmas so of course they are going to encourage it. People always try to find a scapegoat for something negative as an excuse. Man up to it and realize that you are just as materialistic, if not worse than others. You do not neeeeed those gifts, but a tiny part of you wants them. More so it is the thought of getting someone else a gift that makes you happy to be doing something nice for someone else… as long as your gift is bigger and better than everybody else’s gift of course. For holidays when people note the commercialism and are poo poo on a holiday, they are only ruining it for others. They are being sour pusses and their comments are unnecessary. if you don’t like it, stay at home by yourself, or do something about it and change the holiday to better suit you and your beliefs. Christmas is not a guideline, it is whatever you make it to be. Of course I am not saying that you should push those beliefs on others, come on, were not a religious group here (ouch), but it is just a thought.

Interesting things you may not have known about Christmas!

Christmas Letters – Girls write long, polite and thoughtful lists expressing their feelings about Christmas and ask for gifts for others more frequently than boys. Boys tend to think specifically about themselves and what toys they want.

A British tradition for writing letters to Santa has consisted of burning the letters in your fireplace with the thought that they would be magically taken by the wind to the North Pole. This is unique and fun, but is not done as much now because so few people have open fires in their houses anymore. The more modern letter writing is sending letters to Santa through a real postal address received and responses written back through your local post. Parents can also arrange through some companies to have a personalized letter from Santa sent to their child.

In Mexico, people would tie their letters to helium filled balloons and set them free. Talk about litter bugs! haha

This next fact isn’t so much of an interesting fact, as it funny to read. Xmas trees became popular in the UK in the mid 1800’s when Prince Albert erected a tree in Windsor Castle, following German tradition. Germans decorated fir trees since the 8th century.

I think my favourite interesting thing you may not have known about Christmas is an old tradition and story. The Alpine regions believe in a story dealing with a Krampus and Saint Nicholas, or Santa. A Krampus (which means Claw) is a horned demon-like mythical creature that would go with Santa in various places of the world during Christmas. While Saint Nicholas would give gifts to the good children, the Krampus would warn and punish the bad ones, putting them in a basket on his back to dump them into the pits of hell!

I bet some of you are pretty thankful for just getting a piece of coal huh. Which is actually just Krampus poo and you should be thankful you were safe in your dreams.

All in all, there are alot of yays and nays and blah blah blahs but when it comes down to it, the best part of Christmas is being with your family AND EATING A WHOLE TON OF GOOD FOOD AND GETTING FAT! Merry Christmas All!


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