Pride and Prejudice BBC Mini Series

Picture Courtesy Of BBC One

Continuing with the Jane Austen/Pride and Prejudice theme, we move on to the same Pride and Prejudice but as a mini series. This mini series consists of 6 episodes and is 5hrs and 23min long. It follows the same with the book and the movie, with a few alterations. I enjoyed the mini series, but I cannot say which I enjoyed more. Possibly the Hollywood version for it is shorter. I would however have liked to switch around many of the characters. If it were up to me, I would have chosen it as such. I would have chosen the Mr. Bennet from the BBC version, because he is more as I had pictured him while reading the book. As for Mrs. Bennet, I prefer the BBC version as well, because she is highly annoying, but very amusing. I would have picked the Hollywood version of Jane, because something about the BBC version Jane bothered me every time I saw her. For Elizabeth, I would have picked the BBC version, because she looks very much like the picture in the book. As for the rest of the Bennet sisters, I would prefer the Hollywood Lydia, because the BBC was rather masculine. Kitty could go either way, because she is not as memorable as the others. But as for Mary I would have picked the BBC version, because I laughed at every scene she was in, she is a strange duck. I did not care for the Mr. Bingley in the Hollywood version, and although the BBC version was strange as well, I would prefer him. And it is no shock to find I preferred the BBC Mr. Darcy, because it is played by Colin Firth. Judy Dench played a much better Lady catherine as well, the BBC version looked very much like a common shrew, as opposed to a wealthy lady. And as for her sickly daughter I preferred the BBC version, because she actually looked sickly, where as the Hollywood version simply had some shy woman who looked as if she were going to her own funeral. Although it is an enjoyable series, and they are able to go into more detail in the mini series than they were able to go in the Hollywood film, there is not a drastic difference. It is then easier and more time effective to watch the Hollywood version, unless you have much time to spare than the mini series would give some amusement.


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