The Princess and the Frog

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

So much to discuss, I don’t know where to begin and how opinionated I should be. For starters, I planned on seeing this one a lot sooner than I did. The reason it took so long is because I was busy, and the time of the year, and also the fact that I was not sure if Disney would actually pull this one off. Yes, I had my doubts. The obvious fact is that this movie had to be spot on for the company because they needed to have that first black Disney princess, and they needed it to be a princess to add to the main collection permanently. They couldn’t just keep making black Disney princess movies until they got a good one to keep. That is why I think they stuck to the original animation. When you see the movie, and if you look at the main character, it almost looks like they took Belle from Beauty and the Beast and just darkened the skin color and added a swirl to the front of the hair.
My next random thought/comment would be I didn’t know, but should hardly be shocked to find out that Oprah Winfrey was part of the cast. I don’t know if you noticed but she will attach herself to anything black related. But that is besides the point. I actually enjoyed this movie. There are many very cute parts, as well as some really funny ones. There are memorable characters which helped make this film good. Unfortunately, I think something that this film, and many recent Disney films is lacking is the old music. The songs were catchy and entertaining. Hell, I have them on my iPod and listen to them often! But as for recent ones, and for this film, you would never catch me singing any of these ones. There was a lot of dark voodoo images in this film which was interesting, because this film was geared more towards kids, and little girls, but I suppose they didn’t make it too frightening. Towards the middle of the film, the main character Princess Tiana, is wearing a blue dress, necklace and tiara, and I am glad that towards the end she is in a full green outfit that resembles a lilly pad (which was a nice touch). They needed to add a new color of dress to the latest Disney princess. I think she is an acceptable addition to the collection, and I enjoyed the movie, but it is not as near and dear as the rest of the Disney classics. If you get a chance, you should see this film.



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