Picture Courtesy Of Lionsgate

A vampire thriller movie, set in the future, 2019. The worlds population has been turned into vampires, except a few groups of surviving humans. The vampires hunt and catch humans to harvest them for blood, but with the blood supply rapidly disappearing and the small numbers of humans left, they need to find a blood substitute. Many of the vampires are not very pleased with this idea, but the main character, played by Ethan Hawke, joins forces with the humans to try to find a cure.

Many people complain that the vampire thing is over done, all because they don’t like Twilight. I happen to love Twilight and was looking forward to seeing this movie for awhile. The concept and ideas behind the movie were interesting, playing off some of the basic myths of vampires, like bats and sunlight. I thought it was funny as well that all of the peoples eyes were the golden color, similar to Twilight.

Although the film had many good ideas and it was entertaining to watch, in the end, I was not overly pleased. It leads to a climax that is somewhat anti-climactic, as if they wanted to leave it for a second film if this one pays out. 
All in all, I do not recommend seeing this film in theatres, I would wait until it comes out on video.


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