Pride and Prejudice

Picture Courtesy Of Focus Features

In addition to my new found interest in Jane Austen, I decided to read her book, and then view the film. I started with this version, simply because it was on sale, and it is shorter. I have also purchased the 5 and a half hour mini series, which will appear in the future. My opinion of Keira knightley changes almost daily. Sometimes I enjoy her, and other times she can be rather annoying, but I still enjoy many of the films she appears in. This film is no exception. I loved it. It was highly entertaining, more so for myself to connect everything from the book and how it corresponds with the film. Although I am sure the actor playing Mr.Darcy did a fine job, I am looking forward to seeing Collin Firths portrayal, because that is how I envisioned Mr.Darcy while reading the book, and I love him very much. Judi Dench plays Lady Catherine de Bourgh which was a good choice as well, but an obvious one. I look forwarding to watching the mini series version of this story which I will post in the future. Also check out my book review section for Pride and Prejudice as well as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! (soon to be a major motion film)


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