Kijiji: Convenience, Or Huge Pain In The…


When planning on moving, there is a universal observation, that is made, “ I have too much crap.” Thankfully the internet has saved us in making yet another convenience for either getting rid of, or acquiring more junk, Kijiji. I can’t imagine where they came up with the name, but it is memorable. When struck by the realization that I had too much stuff that I needed to get rid of I was advised to use this site as a helpful method. The site has many uses, many beneficial to those moving, whether you need to lighten your load, or fill the void. For those wanting to lighten the load, you can place your objects for sale on the site and people will respond if they are interested. Or likewise if you are interested, you search for the object you desire and message the person accordingly.
One very good use for this website when moving is getting rid of JUNK. Despite how much of a pack-rat you may think you are, there are always people seeking more. Attempt to sell any unwanted items on Kijiji and you can make some money to use towards new stuff or to help you in your move. Unfortunately, if it is not sold, you are left with the trouble of taking it to the dump if it is too large, right? WRONG. Simply place the item on Kijiji for free and post that the person must pick the item up themselves and you are rid of the object. Although this may sound easy, we move on to why I believe that although Kijiji brings many uses, it also brings many headaches. Perhaps I should not scold the site as much as I should be scolding the people that use it! Now those of you reading this article would never do the things I am about to reveal of course, but it seems there are many who will. If I was interested in an object and had arranged with someone via e-mail or phone, I would be punctual in my appointment and bring the necessary vehicle, as well as the funds. Although these may seem like easy things to remember, apparently for some, this is not the case.
Item Number One: When arranging to sell a bookcase for much less than its real worth, I received a handful of hopefuls wanting to buy it. Deciding on who you choose to take your items off your hands is a very difficult task, because you are only going off of an e-mail address or possibly a phone conversation. Otherwise you do not know what type of person they are. I chose someone who seemed reliable. The only day that worked for them, happened to be a day that I was working, but Jamie was available for a short time. The bookcase was located at Jamie’s place so he had to travel to the condo for the meeting. The person called me while I was at work and I arranged a time for pick up for 12:30. It sounded as if they were in a hurry or had an appointment so I thought it best that Jamie arrive early to convenience them. As 12:30 had come and gone and 1:00pm rolled around, I received a call stating that they were just at Ikea and had lost track of the time, and asked if 1:30 would be fine. Wanting to be rid of the bookcase, and having no other confirmed arrangement at the time, I said yes. As 1:30 had come and 2:00 came around, I received several phone calls from this person stating they were lost. I gave them Jamie’s cell number to speak to him, and they still called me. They did not realize they were calling the wrong person after a few times. Once they finally arrived almost 2 hrs late, they showed up in a very small vehicle, already packed with boxes of new things they had just bought from ikea. After they realized, this may cause some trouble, they then begin to report that they had spent the money they meant to use for buying the bookcase, and only had half the money left! Because, they had wasted 2 hours of time and had the nerve of bringing so little money, we gave the bookcase to them and left them to deal with how they would get it home.

Item Number Two: A Computer Desk with Chair. As you are aware of the process, I will jump right into this one. These people had the bright, costly effective idea of taking the bus to come see the desk. Upon seeing the desk for a few seconds, they decided that they would buy it and proceeded to call a cab! The cab then told them they were not a moving van and these silly people were left standing there asking irrelevant questions like “Are you from Canada?” Needless to say these people did not get the desk, and had wasted even more time. If you intend on buying a large object, would it not be the smart idea to have some way of getting that object home? You don’t ride your bicycle to a store and decide to buy a couch. Okay, perhaps these people might, but not sensible people!

Item Number 3: Attempting to re-sell the desk. Although the previous people have displayed annoying faults, we come to a new one. People who make arrangements to come for the item, and minutes before the scheduled time, call and leave a message “ I have changed my mind and do not want it anymore. Bye ”
I don’t know about some people, but not all of us have the luxury of sitting on our butts all day waiting for others.

Item Number 4: A couch. When posting something with a reasonable price, you are bound to get many replies. In these occasions, it is easiest to make one large message and copy and paste it to all those who have messaged you. One annoying thing many of the people will do is message saying…”Yes I will take it.” Alright… and when are you available. “ I will come for it this morning.” As it is already noon, and you do not know my phone number, and only a vague address from the posting, I somehow doubt this. Back to the original story, I had sent out messages, and received a reply stating that they would be glad to have the couch, then proceeding to mention particulars like the times I had mentioned and other things, but then began talking about the conversation they claim to have had with myself on the phone (which I spoke to no one), and that they had talked to my wife. Not having a wife, I was not sure what to make of this message, only to conclude that there had been a mix up. At the end of their message, they asked me to give them more particulars on where they can pick up, and if they had not received a reply, they would arrive at a specific time. I replied as fast as I could, and they gave their message back a couple hours later, stating that they were thinking of a different couch, in a different city. Since I had not wasted my time in person, and only in e-mail I shrugged it off and quickly found someone for the couch and the couch was taken away easily. When I got home my phone began to ring and a man speaking very quickly about my couch and my address, I thought it was the person who had already taken the couch, and wanted to return it, only to find that it was that same person from before who did not have the time to realize who and what they were talking about, and assumed that I would have a couch ready and waiting for them on command.

I sigh at many of these Kijijiers. They are some of the cheapest people you can imagine. Although I know many are still using the recession as an excuse, but if I am selling an item well below its worth for $60 and you have the nerve to offer me $12 because that it what is in your pocket, I would not waste my time. Although there were others, perhaps these were the worst. Sometimes it is not best to give people more credit than they deserve. In the end we were able to be rid of many items, but a few still linger. I dread the next time I click on “post ad” and receive another e-mail of butchered english, requesting to “take off my hand.”



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