Becoming Jane

Picture Courtesy of Miramax Films

Continuing with a Jane Austen theme, which may be brinking on obsession, I found this film. Although it does not include much of Jane Austen’s life, it includes everything Pride and Prejudice. There are many things during the film that reminded me of Pride and Prejudice and thought that these events would influence and create her story. I do not know how closely related the film is to the actual events of her life, but it does have many similarities between Pride and Prejudice. They include strong, confident woman who do not come from good circumstances, but rise above and in the end are very happy. It is not the typical “Happily Ever After.” It is almost as if she gives us enough to make us satisfied that she is happy and that all things will end well, but she leaves us to imagine the ending for ourselves. For us to create our own, happily ever afters in our minds. I was pleased with the film, I will admit that it could have been better. There were a few things that bothered me, such as sometimes I had to stop and wonder if the film was damaged, because some of the voices. Anne Hathaway did well in the film, but her accent was strange to me. Another girl’s voice in the film was strange as well, which made me think it was the film itself, but everybody else was perfectly fine. If the events in the film were true, she could have had advantages, but it would not have made her the great author that she was to become.


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