The Hunchback Assignments

The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade

I won’t lie, the overall look of the book drew me in first. Once I read what the book was about, I was intrigued, but did not know what to expect. The book has many similarities to make you think it is like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame but the story itself is completely different. The main characters name is Modo and he is horribly disfigured, but has the rare ability to transform his appearance for a short amount of time. The book is for younger readers so it is simple and quick to read, but still entertaining. I enjoy fictional books, regardless of the age range to a certain degree. The book had a lot of new and different ideas, and strange characters to go along with it. Although it was a decent read, and would be enjoyable for younger readers, I don’t particularly recommend this book.



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