Disney World Vacation

Day One

Day one started off early and very excitedly. I don’t know about you, but I am much more willing to get up early with little sleep if I’m going somewhere exciting like DISNEY WORLD, then I would be if I was going to somewhere like work. We got ready and finished packing and we were off!! We stopped at Jamie’s mom’s house so she could drive us to the airport. When we were dropped off we headed to check in our bags and then to security. We got through smoothly enough, it was just the two hour wait that we had to get through. It was not as hard as you may think though, we spent most of it talking, eating and taking some pictures, which you should definitely check out. We flew from Edmonton to Toronto. The flight is about 3… maybe 3 n a half hours long, but it felt much longer than that. With the time difference, we arrive in Toronto around 5pm their time. It was dark and chilly getting off the plane and you felt like you should be home, or at your destination already, but this was not the case. Airports are suppose to be a convenience in most areas, but are highly inconvenient. Most airports have security measures put into place, which most of us follow willingly. However, they make this more difficult than it needs to be. Your great mood and happy thoughts of being on vacation are beat down by the airport employees who you expect to wear all black and slit their wrists at night and drink their own blood. I am completely on board for making the process easier, but if you glower at me without saying a word, I cannot be expected to read your mind and know what you want me to do. Communication goes a long way. Communication and directions are greatly lacking in many of the areas. Unless you have made the same flight numerous times, you cannot be expected to know the maze of hallways, and strange things to be expected of you. It also does not make it easier when you split two people up and send them in opposite directions of an airport, not telling them where, why, or how long you will be walking into the abyss. Finally getting on to the plane and trying to sit still through another flight passed without much of a fuss. I was never one to bond with people around me for the sake of bonding with a fellow traveller. When we landed we went to collect our bags, but had to scope a few locations before we could actually get them. The baggage station had a list of flights arranged with station numbers to collect them at. The number 6 listed our flight and bags would be picked up there, only to be told over the intercom, not very clearly, that they would be going to station number 9… no… now 6. Okay… 9. After finally getting our ways, we were told to simply take them from the baggage station to the Disney station that is practically right next to it. There must have been a misunderstanding, because we had to wonder aimlessly and finally go to the 3rd floor, over to the other side of the airport and then back down to ground level. The Disney Magical Transportation was expected to take us and a bus load of people from the airport and drop them off at their hotels accordingly. The bus ride was suppose to take about 30min and then 5 minutes per stop. Just because… our hotel was the last on the stop. We checked in and went to our hotel room which was near the far end of the property around 2am. At 2:30am when you would have expected us to be sleeping we were sitting on the bed watching two strange men with screw drivers and knives file down at our door because it would not lock properly. We could swing the little latch over but the dead bolt would not slide over, and you didn’t even need to swipe your card key to open the door, because it would not close properly. In the end we were finally able to get to sleep, feeling safe behind a bolted and latched door. I crossed my fingers for day two.

Day Two

I woke up this morning feeling much better. I was able to get some rest (p.s. It is DisneyWorld, not Mexico, but the water is still bleh.) When we got out of bed, we headed down to the food court at our hotel and had some breakfast. Yaaayyy Mickey shaped waffles. After breakfast we made our way to Hollywood Studios. When we arrive we started to head towards Hollywood Tower of Terror, but got side tracked by a Beauty and the Beast play. It was a summary of the movie with actors and singers in costumes, and they did a great job! I really enjoyed it and it was a lot of fun. After that we went to the Tower of Terror, there was a wait of 50min, but if you got a fast pass you had to come back 5hrs later, so we decided to just wait. The line went really fast, we got there just in time and we didn’t have to wait that long. We even got bumped up past a whole bunch of people because it was just the two of us. I was excited because I had heard so much about this ride, but wasn’t completely sure what to expect. I started to get very nervous when we were siting in the seats, because the ride was delayed by about 30 seconds. Needless to say, I nearly crapped myself. I was frozen, I opened my mouth, but I could not scream. I thought I was going to die! My legs were so shaky afterwards, and I could not stop commenting on how scared I was haha. Our next step was the Rock n Roller coaster. The expected wait time was a bit longer than the Tower of Terror, so I expected it to be about the same. Boy was I wrong, the line took twice as long, probably three times as long. They kept letting in about 20 of the fast pass people and about 4 regular people at a time. We were waiting so long that I started to get a cramp in my foot which was highly annoying and would not go away! I could hardly walk, I had to keep getting down and rubbing my foot or hop from foot to foot to keep the circulation going. When we finally were allowed in, we were able to watch the people before us, rocket into the darkness. When it was our turn, I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to think. We went rocketing into the darkness and thrown up and down and side to side and upside down, I nearly crapped myself for the second time today. I was so scared that my toes cramped up so badly that they were twisted and out of place, I literally had to push them down with my hands. It was an amazing ride and I recommend people to try both, but i don’t think I will be rushing to go on them any time soon. In the evening we headed to Epcot, it was looking very dark and stormy out, but all it did was sprinkle. Since it was pretty late, we went on a few rides and the wait times were about 5-10min each which was nothing! The Epcot ball is amazing. The ride is a slow moving track ride. It is nothing spectacular, but none the less I loved it! After exploring some more rides and heading down to the pavilions and the water for the night time spectacular, we grabbed fish and chips! Food is so expensive here it is not even funny. Most of your budget is blown on it. It is cute how they have people from different countries working at DisneyWorld though. Each persons name badge says their name, and where they are from. We strolled around the water and then chose a spot to wait for the fireworks. Jamie and I chatted for awhile about nothing much in particular and the usually nonsense and then before I knew it he was talking about rings. I thought it was just a regular conversation, until he popped the question! That is right, he asked me to marry him, on a beautiful florida night, surrounded by buildings, lights, and music from all over the world and right by the water. I bobbled around and smiled and laughed and even now I cant really believe that it happened. It seems more like a dream. Speaking of dreams, it is very late and I have another very long, very busy day tomorrow!

Day The Thrice

Today we decided to do the Animal Kingdom, and finish up Epcot. The Animal Kingdom was a lot of fun. Our first ride was the Kilimanjaro Safari, which was a lot of fun. After that we headed over to the Mount Everest Expedition. It looks like a wholesome little train going into the mountains, but it is crazy and a lot of fun. You go up a steep hill and go into caves with lots of twists and drops and when you get to the top the track is broken so it drops you down backwards and you go into a cave with a scary Yeti and then shoot off again. It was a huge rush and it was another scary coaster in the dark! After that we walked around for awhile and went on the River Rapid ride which is super short, but gets you very soaking wet! We left Animal Kingdom and headed straight to Epcot to finish our tour. We had done most of the rides, anything we had left to do didn’t quite fit into our schedule so we continued with touring the countries of the world. Canada was a pretty ill representation of us. When you enter there are native totems and Quebec style buildings. There is also a red phone booth…do we have those anywhere? and then at the far back there were large rocks and some rushing waters. On the way out we heard a woman say to her children “This is what Canada looks like, kids!” Boy won’t they be surprised if they ever come for a visit. It was fun going through all the different countries and checking out the little shops in them. There is a lady who does amazing candy art, I wish I could have got some from her, but her show was so busy and when I went back she was gone. We were also going to get a Bonzai tree but we were told that if we were travelling out of the united states that customs would be (in nice terms) stern with the item because it contains plant seeds. Le sigh. We continued on and got ourselves some German beer and strolled along. I think DisneyWorld is the first place I have seen where you can drink in public so freely haha. The night became very cool so we started to take shelter in more of the buildings. The mexico building was very cool. It is a large aztec pyramid and when you go inside the ceiling and far background looks like the sky and scenery so you think you are outside. The building was far warmer than the others as well so you really felt you were going to mexico. There were a lot of very cute crystal Disney ornaments. The most extravagant was a crystal encrusted replica of Cinderellas Castle. It was rather large and I suppose I could have got it. I guess the only thing that was stopping me was the $37,500.00 price tag!!! Crazy Crazy Crazy. We continued on through places and peeked at a few gift shops. They have an amazing selection of mickey kitchen accessories. When we got back to the hotel, we decided to rest our poor blisters for a short while, before heading down to the gift shop of our hotel. It is very cool because, you can show your room key, which also acted as your park hopper pass and set it up so the packages you bought from that store would be sent to your hotel. That way you didn’t have to carry them around all day!

Day Four

Today is water park day! Brr… We went to Typhoon Lagoon, which was completely dead. There were probably about 30-40 people throughout the time we were there. That might be including some lifeguards as well. It was a lot of fun, they had the giant wave pool and a lazy river that you could take a tube around the whole water park and slide areas. We played in the waves for awhile and then headed to find a tube to drift around the park. Although it was chillier outside than usual because of the wind, the water was at least 20 degrees higher. After a couple hours we called it quits and headed back to the hotel to regroup. Unfortunately, due to a nasty water block in Jamie’s ear, we had to call the onsite doctor and either head to the clinic. Either way we had to pay and wait so we made them come to us. The doctor was one of those good doctors that takes the time to explain everything and make you feel comfortable. However, he was also the kind that gets paid for his time so he talked fooorrreeevvveerrr…….. After that we went to Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney consists mainly of shops and restaurants. We bought a couple things and walked around. We considered going to Cirque De ?Soulei? but they only had stand by tickets available. We found a place called Disney Quest, it is basically the price of an attraction pass, but thankfully with our park hopper/key to the kingdom cards, we were able to get in for free. It was 3 floors full of arcade games for free. There were a lot of cool 3D/virtual reality ones too, but those were too busy. After that we made out way back to the hotel for what was suppose to be an early night, but with planning and finding food, it usually wasn’t.

Day Five

Magic Kingdom Day! Thursday was our free day. It was going to be Magic Kingdom and whatever else day, but it had to be a full Magic Kingdom day, which was fine by me, and worked out perfectly. We started the day off early and started heading to some of the attractions we wanted to see because it wasn’t super busy yet. We were able to knock a few off the list within the first 2 hrs and thanks to fast passes we saw everything we wanted to see. Unfortunately, Splash Mountain was closed for repairs that day so we didn’t get to go on that. We were even able to get a couple pictures taken with some of the Disney characters. The lines are always crazy for them, because every parent wants a picture with their child. We were able to do Space Mountain which is a ton of fun. It is like the Rock n Roller coaster because it is so dark, but it does not go upside down and I did not fear for my life as much. After that we did Buzz Lightyears Space Spin. You get to sit in a little spaceship and you each get a laser gun. There is also a joystick in the middle where you can turn left or right or spin around in circles. There are targets for you to hit and you can see the little red dot from your gun. There are even two digital score keepers for each of you. It was a fun ride, but I would not have waited for it without a fast pass. We also fast pass’d our way to Peter Pan’s Flight, where you sit in a little ship and it magically flies in the air over Peter Pan scenery and characters. Unfortunately, it is so short that if I were to have waited in line and not have a fast pass I would probably have been upset. Last but not least, we also took in It’s A Small World! Indeed, it was a very small multilingual happy small world… The way we spaced everything out, it filled our day perfectly until the evening when we started to prepare for fireworks. It was so cold that evening, and since it was so warm during the day we did not bring our coats, just sweaters. While Jamie saved our great spots for fireworks and the Spectro night time parade, I ran to buy a blanket. The night time parade was suppose to be at 8pm and the fireworks at 9pm, but for some reason they did the fireworks at 8pm and the parade at 9pm and extended the park hours that night from 10pm to 11pm. The fireworks and the parade were both great. Because taking pictures at night is so difficult, I had to take videos of both the fireworks and the parade which you can view in the Album. After everything was done, we shivered our exhausted bodies back to the hotel, grabbed some food and went back to our rooms. We also went back to the gift shop at our hotel to try and pick up some last minute things that we were interested in before. On the way back to the hotel we were a little startled by an armadillo digging in the bushes and popping out from time to time. There is a partially blurry picture of that as well.

Day Six. Bleh

Time to go home. What a crappy thought that is. Although we were able to get most, if not everything that I really wanted to do done, I still would have liked more time (of course). We are just at the crazy U.S. air port, waiting for our first flight. It is always so hectic and never organized. I wonder if any flight every goes smoothly. It seems that there was a mix up and we were not seated together for our returning flights. Thankfully the lady at the desk was nice enough to try and get us seats together from Orlando to Denver, but the Denver to Edmonton lady didn’t even try. The plane from Denver to Edmonton was nice, it only had two seats on each side of the plane and they were a lot more roomie than the other planes. You could even lift up the middle arm rest to make more room to sit together. However, this did not happen. I was stuck sitting next to a man named Joe who continued to talk to me even after I pretended I was asleep. Le sigh. Oh well. 
We are finally home and unpacking. 
This would technically be a day 7, but it is only the morning after and there is no need to get so technical. I am doing a zillion loads of laundry and unpacked some of our goodies.
It was such an amazing trip and I am so greatly for the experience. I would definitely go again, and this time, I know what to see, and what to avoid!
Enjoy the blog everyone and check out the Disney pictures and there are even a couple videos as well.



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