What-The-Dickens by Gregory Maguire

What-The-Dickens is about a rogue tooth fairy, written by Gregory Maguire, the same author who reimagined the Wizard of Oz. The idea of the story was intriguing to me and I picked up this book with a handful of others by this author while I was reading the “Wicked” series. Although the idea of the story was good, I was not really fond of this book. The book would pull me in, but then something about it would lose me. This went off and on the whole time I was reading the book. Probably the thing that bothered me the most was the constant mention of religion and prayer. In a story of tooth fairies and the thought of all things magical, the mention of god and prayer was out of place. I suppose it could have been the authors intent to show the contrast between the two, but as most pig headed religions go, magic and all things magical to do not fit in. The story has many unique ideas and others rather questionable. I enjoyed some of the characters, and at other times just wanted to crush the others. The good characters would stand on the magic side of the spectrum and the ones I wanted to crush would go on the religious side, because even till the end they were stubborn and did not change, leaving themselves to eventual destruction. I did not really care for this book and therefore will not be recommending it. It is a rather short one so it is nice it did not take up as much of my time as some of his other long winded books. I hope his remaining books are more redeemable.



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