Drag Me To Hell

Picture Courtesy Of Universal Pictures

Drag me to hell is right, because I would rather be dragged to hell than watch this movie again! We decided to do a shaw video on demand, which is like renting a movie from the video store but on your tv. It was a complete waste of money. The beginning of the movie is possibly believable with this gypsy women giving her a curse, but the stapler to the head, the stabbing in the throat, a cursed man doing a jig over a fire. Those are only a few of the stupid things that happened in this movie. It was so funny and so stupid. It was very lame and it doesn’t even matter that I told you any of that, I could tell you the whole plot of the movie and everything that happened right now, because I do not recommend this movie and I think no one would ever waste their time or money on this. It was laughable and pathetic. What a horrible film.


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