Alice In Wonderland

Picture Courtesy Of Walt Disney Pictures

Is there any combination better than Disney and Tim Burton? Two of my most favourite things come together to make one of the most amazing stories. However, it is not a remake of an original story, but a continuation, or a new tale of its own. I absolutely love the style of anything that involves Tim Burton, and I was not disappointed. I was very interested to see who was playing each character, and even more interested to see familiar faces from movies I have seen throughout the years. Some are not as familiar as others but still recognizable. Johnny Depp, one of Tim Burtons favourites it would seem did a very good job. His wife who plays the red queen was also very interesting and I enjoyed the way they depicted her. The white queen was a little strange, but not too strange to sway me from enjoying the film. I suppose the only thing that would have bothered me about the film is a bit of the story line. Much of the story is based on one single event, and everything else in the film seems small in comparison, and then when the major event occurs, it does not seem all too major. It also seemed to end rather abruptly. I’m sure there are many ideas that people had in mind when it came to this film that were not fulfilled, but it was stilly highly enjoyable. It is a classic Disney tale remodelled, I think it is worth watching! I look forward to seeing it again, and I hope they come out with some very unique, and visually appealing DVD/Blu-Ray discs!


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