The Stepfather

Picture Courtesy of Screen Gems

This looked like a pretty cool thriller movie, but I never managed to see it until it was out on video. Thankfully, it was only a rental fee as opposed to spending time and money going to the theatre. The idea of the movie was okay, but I don’t think it was that well done. The one girl is naturally always in a bikini or her underwear, and they even threw in a couple lesbian aunties. Anyway, I suppose the idea of the film was okay. It was not very scary or too thrilling. I ended up laughing more. There were so many things amiss. There are the typical things that are too dumb, you have to laugh. And then there are the strange things, like how the family has a young boy and a young girl and there are scenes where the boy and girl are completely missing. They are not with a dad, a stepdad, a mom, aunty, brother or even some long lost cousin. They just seem to have forgot about them entirely and just assumed with all the suspense that nobody would notice. And even though it was coming to the end of the film, does no one notice if anybody has died? It does not phase anybody? Anyway. I did not care for this film if you could not tell and I do not recommend that you see it!


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