Remember Me

Picture Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

I’m actually kind of confused by this film. Perhaps not confused about the film, but why I had not heard good things about it. I had actually heard nothing at all about it, until deciding on going to see it. Then I heard some negative things about it. The real reason why most people would have gone to this film was to see Robert Pattinson. I think there should be more to it than just him. I was very impressed by this movie. I would even go so far as saying that I loved it. It had so much emotion in it, I was moved, which doesn’t happen very often. It all depends on the type of person you are, and if you are able to appreciate this film. I would assume most people would have said that it was a boring slow film. I would almost agree with you. It was very quiet and wasn’t a thrilling action packed film. But every scene, every word, and every silence added to the greatness of this film. When strong emotions came into the film, they hit you harder. Your emotions follow the film going up and down throughout. There are some things in this film that normally would not have effected me and I have said this on many occasions, but they effected me while watching this film. I will even admit that I cried during this movie! I highly recommend you watch this movie. Go into it with an open mind and just try and feel what they wanted you to feel.



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