A Trip to the Stars

A Trip to the Stars by Nicholas Christopher

Looking at this book, I am struggling to try and remember where I got it. There is a felt marker line on the bottom (much to my disdain) which indicates it was either at a used book store, or a sale at chapters. Either way, I was wondering what about this book made me want to buy it. Perhaps it was on one of the 4 for $10 tables at chapters and it was one I thought acceptable to pick up. All in all I am very pleased that I did choose this book. It isn’t the usual type of book that I buy, but still fiction. I did not know what to expect going into this book, even after there isn’t much of a following for discussion or analysis (the Wikipedia on this book is non-existent and the article on the author is minimal.) There are so many connections through the people within the story and from the past and future through other things as well. It is very exciting when your reading and you make these connections in your head or else when you haven’t caught something and it happens. The book was a little hard to get through though, because there was so much happening and the chapters are very long. I am one of those people who likes to read chapters at a time, so I will say “I will read until the end of this chapter and then stop.” When the end of the chapter comes and something interesting is happening you say “Okay. One more chapter.” But with this book, the chapters can be close to 60 pages long. Although this book is fictional, there are so many historical facts or things that seem so real, I found myself stopping constantly to look them up. I was somewhat defeated when some very interesting things did not exist.

The story is about a young boy who is kidnapped from his aunt, and their journey through their now separate lives. There are many characters throughout the book with their own personalities and stories to tell. “A Trip to the Stars,” is a reference in its own, but the book constantly revolves around the stars, which always interested me. It has even sparked a new interest in unusual plants and flowers. There is a lot of mention about spiders as well. Although it was interesting, I am not any more interested in them. I would still prefer if they stayed as far away as possible. It is hard to talk about the book and all of its many references and connections throughout it without saying too much. I enjoyed this book a lot. It takes a lot for me to say something is my favourite, but I am thinking I just might have a new favourite book!


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