The Faerie Door

The Faerie Door by B.E. Maxwell

Summary from within the book “ The lives of two ordinary children, living nearly a century apart, are transformed when their summer holidays suddenly take a turn for the magical. Elliot lives in a small town in 1966 America, and Victoria lives in a grand manor house in 1890 Britain, but they have something in common: a love for faerie tales and adventures. So it’s most fortunate when they happen upon a gate that transports them both to Faerieland. But they’ve scarcely had time to marvel at the wonder of it all when the Faerie Queen dispatches them on separate perilous quests in order to protect her kingdom — and all the interwoven worlds — from the evil shadow knight. Their journeys — filled with everything from fierce dragons to flying pirate ships to woodland dwellers with strange appetites — take them to fantastic realms and unexpected places fraught with life-threatening dangers…”

There were parts of this book that I really enjoyed, and then there were parts that I didn’t really care for. The book was a little up and down like that, but overall it was rather entertaining. This book is meant for readers aged 10 and up, so it is for a younger reader which is sometimes evident when reading. Some things that I was unsure about in this book were these two separate journeys that the children were sent on. One of their journeys seemed like it was set over many many months, where as the others seemed as if it was only over a couple days. Maybe a week or two at the most. Each of their journeys seem particular to their personalities to try and benefit them in some way. At times it seems like one journey is a piece of cake compared to the other one, until strange things happen that almost seem like last minute ideas or the author could not come up with something more. Some ideas were hits and others misses. I was slightly pleased to see an epilogue leaving you expecting a sequel. I enjoyed the characters and the book was entertaining. Like I said it is clearly for younger readers, but I still enjoy reading many different books. I would not recommend this book to most people, unless you are younger or have kids of your own.



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