Disney: Oceans

Picture Courtesy of DisneyNature


It is almost becoming an earth day tradition for me to see these movies. I say almost because I did it last year, and then this year, so it hasn’t been a long running thing. Next year they advertised that Disneynature will be doing Cats of Africa. They will be following a pack of cheetahs and lions and how the exist together as well as with the vast number of other animals in Africa. I hate to say that it did not look horribly entertaining. There were a few cute parts, but I like to see more diversity. Anyway, back to Oceans. The film was narrated by Pierce Brosnan, which was pretty decent. Sometimes a bit strange, but it could have just been what he was talking about. I was really looking forward to this movie because I love fish. I wanted to see millions of little fish that I would like for my own. Since I do not have a salt water fish tank, that won’t be happening, but I can still dream. It is fun to watch these movies, because animals are can be so cute and do some funny things. You also learn a lot about things you have seen before, and even stranger things that you have not. There are so many beautiful things in the ocean, and there are also some really scary things. The ocean itself being so vast and powerful is rather frightening at times. Other frightening things are sharks! Thankfully they did not focus on them too much, but I did see enough to disturb me. I dislike them very much, especially when they jump out of the water. The story line was a bit ify at times. It was very diverse and sometimes almost seemed like it was wondering. I found myself wanting to say to them, just get back under that water and show me some more fish! All in all it was a fun time, but like I said, I wish they showed more fun fish. It was not my favourite of them, but still enjoyable. If you like animals, the Disneynature series is a must see.


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