When In Rome

Picture Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures

I don’t know what it is about romantic/comedy movies. They are always so predictable, but you love them anyway. This is another movie that I really wanted to see, but did not hear very much about it from anybody. I can probably see why. The movie had some really good ideas, and some interesting characters, but I’m not sure if it really did anything for me. There was so much going on and I wasn’t really engaged by it. I think they had the basic’s covered, but weren’t sure what to do with the rest. They put in what they thought would be funny to fill the gaps, and the rest was rather predictable. The hard to please boss is suddenly praising and loving at the last minute, and shoved aside to make sure all things were resolved in the end. There were a small handful of known actors in this movie which may have helped a little, but not very much. Josh Duhamel is just nice to look at, you don’t actually pay attention to his acting. I don’t really recommend seeing this movie. It is one of those movies that you would select at random, while you are having a quiet movie night at home, but don’t expect to get much out of it, other than a movie.



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