Sex and the City 2

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros.
and New Line Cinema

I didn’t think I would actually be able to see this today, and we went at the perfect time. We were only 30min early and we had no line up and good seats. Then it started to fill up, and afterwards there were tons of girls sitting on the floors lined up to see it next. The film continues in the SATC style, they had you laughing and loving from the start. I was never a hardcore fan of SATC, I had seen episodes and I enjoyed watching, but never faithfully watched. I am currently starting at season one and watching all the seasons because I have missed out on a lot. I know the basics and most of the significant things that are so small from the movies, that tie in to the seasons. The girls were as usual dressed to the nines and did so throughout the entire film. The second film is just as long as the first film, which seems to be an issue for most people. From experience of the first movie, I can say I have no problem sitting through them and can watch them many times. Naturally, this film was not the same as the first one, but it did not fail to impress. It is the same old girls, just with new troubles. I think it is the fact that no matter what is happening or where they are, everything is so glamorous and visually appealing. Even when they get take out, it is high end take out. As I mentioned before, there were a lot of laughs and the movie was highly enjoyable. I recommend you see it, if you enjoy SATC. If not, then you should watch the first movie, and then this one, because you have to love them. What is not to love?



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