The Road

Picture Courtesy of Dimension Films

I have been looking forward to seeing this movie for quite some time. I had read the book and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I was not able to see it in theatres so I had to wait for it to come out on video to see it. The book only had two main characters who’s dialogue is the majority of the book so you cannot expect the movie to be swarming with people. Especially since it is the end of the world and mostly everybody is dead. The movie was quiet like the book, and followed many of the events that happened in the book. There were a few things that were not quite as I imagined them, but otherwise it was not that far off. The book and the movie makes you think of what would you have done if you were in their places. Or what you would do and what you wouldn’t do when there was nothing left to believe in. The life they knew was gone, but they kept the morals. As it is in most cases I preferred the book over the movie. The books ending is rather vague and I did not really like it. I was hoping that the movie would solve this problem for me because they couldn’t just end it with nothing. Which they pretty much did. It is a very slow paced and quiet movie, spotted which gruesome scenes. I do not recommend you watch this movie, because it is rather slow and I think the story is best left to your imagination. The book does a much better job with the storyline.



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