The Wolfman

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

It is always hard to tell if a movie will be good when you know it is a remake. Usually remakes are based off of old classics or stories that have very solid ideas, but when remade, they just don’t deliver the same. When I saw the preview for this film, I was very excited. Anthony Hopkins is a great actor and the film looked really cool. The storyline was a little hit and miss at times, but interesting enough. The look of the werewolf in this movie is very much like the classic, or “original” look of a werewolf. The film also had a lot of gore, which I’m not sure if it was entirely necessary. It was almost as if they knew there was something missing in this movie and thought it would be distracting enough with the blood and guts to keep your mind off thinking that same question. The actors in this film were familiar which made it more interesting, but over all I think it flopped. It did not live up to my expectations, and at times, I’m not sure if I even understood the storyline, or the point. I do not recommend that you watch this movie. It isn’t really worth the time. I wonder if the original is any better?


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