Toy Story 3

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Where to begin! Toy Story was an awesome movie. When I heard that there would be a Toy Story 2, I had my doubts, but it turned out to be a pretty good movie too. Now when I heard that there would be a Toy Story 3, I was really excited, but worried at the same time. Could they really made a third movie without ruining the Toy Story franchise for me?

Disney and Pixar are famous for their short story films before some of their films. They are usually highly entertaining and I was excited to see they added another one. Unfortunately, this one failed to impress me. I did not really like it at all actually. I think they stepped out of the box and failed. I know it was a cartoon so it was not intended to be so, but I actually thought it was a pretty sexual cartoon. The character images refer to peeing, many naked women, staring at certain sections of the body, as well as showing off others.

The new film is about Andy growing up and going off to college. Through a bit of a mishap the toys are taken to a daycare. There are a ton of new characters to go along with some of the old classics. They did choose to get rid of a handful, and bring it up at the beginning of the film to get those characters out of the way. My favourite thing about many of the new characters was how amazingly cute they were. The film was very funny. I wonder back to my years as a child and how so many movies didn’t make sense until you are older, but you still enjoyed them. I was really impressed with the graphics as well. I did not see the 3D version of the film, but the characters and textures were very lifelike.

One thing I noticed about this film was the villain was very similar to the villain in Toy Story 2. A slightly pudgy old man character with a walking stick, who was abandoned or affected by a child in some way. I suppose it is hard to have a different sort of history when your a toy, so I will forgive them for that. It was still a good character.

The only thing that I did not like about this film was a particular spanish dance that occurs towards the end of the film (Not to give anything away.) I know it is rather small and insignificant, but I am touchy with some of those things specifically made for younger viewers that can sometimes be a little overdone.

A side character, who wasn’t really much of a character made this film a little extra special for me. This character was Buster the dog. He is not the toy dog obviously, it was the real dog. Once a spry young fella, he is now much older and you sure can tell. The reason this made it more special for me is because he reminded me so much of my dog who I love dearly, but is getting to be very old and rather large.


I was HIGHLY impressed with this film. They did an absolutely amazing job. I love the first Toy Story film, you can’t replace the original, but the third instalment greatly overshadows Toy Story 2 in my eyes. The characters, along with the story line were very well done and I loved it. The ending of the film was also very touching. There were a few tears in the audience, and to keep the identity of this person safe I will not say anything more than I could have easily shared a couple tears with said person. It was a perfect end to an unforgettable series.



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