Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

I was thrown off by this movie because of the original previews. I remember seeing a few previews for this movie, it looked decent enough, but didn’t really explain much about the movie. I think different advertisements would have helped, also, it was not until the movie came out that I started to see different previews. Previews that actually explained more about the movie. Although the movie is a little strange it had an amazing concept. The movie is about dreams, and being able to infiltrate other peoples dreams. You could steal things from others minds in an alternate reality. You could also plant an idea in someones head which is known as inception, hence the title. There is also some talk about where the idea for this film came from. Interestingly enough, there is a Disney comic from many years ago called Uncle Scrooge in The Dream of a Lifetime. In this comic some guys infiltrate Scrooges dream, trying to find out the combination to his fault, so people go into his dream by using very similar machines. The whole concept can be displayed in come page of the comic…so is this where the idea for this movie came from? Of course not…people don’t steal ideas from others, are you kidding me?…..Well that is besides the point. Moving on. The film itself is very long, almost 3 hours, which can get a little difficult to sit through, but was well worth it. Leonardo DiCaprio, along with a handful of familiar faces, made this movie highly enjoyable and a great watch. I highly recommend seeing this movie to everyone despite the little Disney hiccup.


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