The Hound of the Baskervilles

The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I remember having to read this book in High School. Of course I only remember the gist of the story, which you basically get from the title. There is something to do with a hound and a person or place named the Baskervilles. In this case it is a long line of families plagued by the myth of a giant hell hound. It was interesting re-reading this book, because I realized just how little I payed attention in school. All I remember about this book is going to sit outside one day at school after we talked the student teacher into letting us go outside and read. We sat on some bleachers which can be uncomfortable, but it was nice being outside instead of in a cramped classroom. Plus, outside you cant really hear people when they are reading, so without following along you don’t get anything. But despite all that, I really didn’t remember all that much, which leaves me to question how much of it I really read. Oh well, moving on, I enjoyed this book much more than I did in high school and found it to be an entertaining read. It was all new to me, I know the general plot and an idea of the ending, but it was still exciting. The stories main characters are the famous duo, Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Much of the story is told from Watson’s perspective, but of course you get much insight into the character of Holmes. It is a classic crime novel with many possible suspects and paths to follow. I really enjoyed reading this book, we will say for the first time, because the first time hardly counts. I recommend that you take in this classic Sherlock Holmes crime novel!


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