The Fourth Kind

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

I remember when the previews for this movie came out. It was one of those movies that I wanted to see, but never got to. Thankfully it was on one of the movie central channels and I just caught it as it was starting. The movie is said to be based off true events. It follows a psychologist in Alaska and her patients. They have the hollywood scenes side by side, at times, with the actual footage that was taken during the sessions. They are rather disturbing at times and give you chills all over your body. They go back and forth from showing old and new footage, recorded conversations and to a “present” interview with the main psychologist. They bring up things they represent as being facts. One interesting thing was references to an old language, before the time of the Egyptians. They say that if you were to look at the sculptures and ruins, there is evidence of rockets, and “spacemen.” I only find this interesting because I had the TV on a documentary about searching for Atlantis, and they mentioned the same thing. The basis of the movie is about aliens and alien abduction. In the film, the main psychologist, played by Milla Jovovich, says that her daughter was abducted and never came back. She claims that she had been abducted as well as others that were with her. They show footage of a spaceship coming over the house the night that her daughter disappeared. Much of the footage is distorted and is hard to see or doesn’t show much. In the end they give you a brief update as to the people from the true events who did and did not participate in the making of the film. Interestingly enough, it is based on true events, it gives you chills and is a rather entertaining movie. I recommend seeing this movie if you get the chance, because it is an interesting concept for a movie. I wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy it, but I would definitely borrow it from someone else who had it.


As much fun and scary movies are when they are based off true events, it really pisses me off when they lie to me. Like with Paranormal Activity, I was scared, I could have believed. You told me it was real and then you ruined it by making it all a big lie. How can they say that it is real when it isn’t based off of any real events. The possibility of alien abductions could be there, and I’m sure that people have said it has happened to them, but you can’t just take bits a pieces from around the world and form it into one storyline. If you were to search this film up, you would learn that despite the fact that they say it is based on a true story, it actually is not. There is no proof of any of the events that happened on the film, as well as proof of any of the real people that the movie follows. Despite the fact that it pissed me off to find out the truth about this movie, it still wasn’t the worst movie I have seen and you might enjoy it!


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