Twilight and History

Twilight & History edited by Nancy R. Reagin

I was partially deceived in my excitement by the words Twilight and possible history. I assumed that this would be a book broken down by character and expanded on the pasts of each character from Twilight. I thought that it would be the story from their point of views and give us a better understanding of each character. The fact that it was not by Stephenie Meyer was a bit of a put off, but not a huge one. So I bought the book and began to read it. It was only then that I realized that this book was about Twilight & History. Two different subjects with references to each other. The book takes actual historical facts and compares it to each character based on the facts we know about them. So it takes Meyers history of that person and compares it to historical events and time periods to give you an idea of what their life was like.

Example: When talking about Jaspers character, the subject consisted mainly about the civil war. This was a bit of a let down. It made it harder to read, and for me to be interested. I never cared for the civil war in school and apparently this book did not spark any present interest either.

The area that did catch my interest was specifically Alice’s background and about Asylums in the early 1900’s. In the chapters referring to Alice and the Asylums, it talks of women who were put there for being free thinkers, or doing things other than what a “wife” should be doing. One small slip any time and they could be condemned for it. Fathers, husbands, and families had complete control. If they felt that the woman was not fitting in they would commit them. Or if a husband wanted to marry a different women, he could commit his current wife, which could be viewed as a simple divorce. Once committed it was as if they did not exist. Out of sight, out of mind.

An interesting thing I noticed MANY times in this book is it references the Twilight books. What caught my eye specifically, and a little off guard, was the references to Midnight Sun. The book that has not been published, or according to Meyer, even finished. I really wish she would finish that book, pronto.

This book follows the main Cullen family,the Quileutes, and even goes a bit into the Volturi. Although some of it was interesting with it’s comparisons to Twilight, it was more world history, than my expected Twilight history.

I really do not recommend this book. Simply because, if you were interested in any of these dull historical facts/events, just wikipedia the damn things.

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