The Social Network

Picture Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

A movie about Facebook. Who would have thought? It already consumes our lives, why not watch a movie on how it is made. Thankfully it was more about that then Facebook as a site. People on Facebook, watching a movie about people on Facebook, who are watching a movie about people on Facebook.

It was an interesting movie, seeing how the website actually came to be. The movie follows the creator, or creators, of Facebook. It also includes those who believed that Facebook was their idea and that it was stolen from them by Mark Zuckerburg. The movie plays out from all the people involved in an office with their lawyers, with breaks or flashbacks into the past.

I must admit that this movie was better than I thought it would be. However, there was a hype about it that was, to me, a little misleading. People made it sound as if this were a spectacular movie. Inspiring, epic, and so on and so forth. I will applaud Jesse Eisenberg for his acting. It must have taken a lot of auctioneer classes to learn to talk like that. There were other familiar faces, like Justin Timberlake, but he is hardly worth the mention…bleh.

As I mentioned before, the movie was better than I had expected it to be, but not the new epic movie of our time. The Social Network, is a documentary. Which is why I believe that this movie could not be such an epic film. It follows the true events on how a social website came to be. There was no awe inspiring storyline, no twists and turns and nothing overly memorable.

There were a handful of funny parts, my favourite being, someone being upset over a relationship status on Facebook. It is funny, because it is true. It is also sad the effect that something like that can cause. A whole relationship ended by an electronic title. Those relationships were hardly relationships to begin with if that was the destruction of it, but it is still humorous.

When it comes down to it, decent documentary, some good laughs, I would say that it is worth a watch. But don’t set your hopes high.


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