The Human Centipede: First Sequence

Picture Courtesy of IFC Films

The human centipede is a dutch horror movie about a crazy doctor who creates a human centipede with 3 tourists.  He kidnaps these tourists and connects them from mouth to anus.    This is one of those movies where much of the horror is by being visually disturbing, as opposed to psychologically or the “jumpies.”    The idea is that the first person in sequence has the second persons mouth around the first persons anus, and the last person around the middle persons anus.  They are held together by cutting off the lips and attaching it around the anus, and having sections of the backside surgically attached to the face.  The idea of this is disturbing and any medical or surgical scene always makes me jump and squirm.  Although the film was said to have had the advice of a surgeon, I have my doubts that this is even remotely accurate.   An interesting thing I learned about this film is that the people who were backing the movie, had no idea about the mouth to anus centipede concept, until the film was completed.

The film is disturbing and has a new concept I have never seen before, but it is a huge fail.   The movie was gross, but stupid and almost boring.   It also had really bad acting from the girls, which I guess is why they decided to attach their mouths to an anus.

I highly recommend that you NEVER see this movie as it is not worth the time.  What’s worse is the fact that there will be a new movie called  The Human Centipede: The FULL sequence…. I can only imagine.


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