Speak Now by Taylor Swift

Picture Courtesy of Big Machine


So I’m a little behind with this one, as it did come out last week. I kept forgetting to preview it on itunes. Instead one morning before work I decided to download it on my phone so I could listen to it while working. I was highly impressed and I decided to share with you all. I have done this once before, I had thought about doing it for a few others and I’m not sure why I never did. I am breaking the album up into different columns of how I feel about the songs. They are in order from the album off iTunes.

Not A Big Fan  

#4 Speak Now

#20 Mine(Pop Mix)


#7 The Story of Us

#8 Never Grow Up

#10 Better Than Revenge

#13 Last Kiss

#18 Back To December(Acoustic)

#19 Haunted (Acoustic)


Favs/Must Hears

#1 Mine

#2 Sparks Fly

#3 Back To December

#5 Dear John

#6 Mean

#9 Enchanted

#11 Innocent

#12 Haunted

#14 Long Live

#15 Ours

#16 If This Was A Movie

#17 Superman


Many of Swifts songs are based of past relationships, and she even mentions names in some of her songs. The song “Back to December” is about her relationship with Twilight star, Taylor Launtner. From her previous album, she had a song called “Forever and Always” that was about one of the Jonas Brothers. And the song “Dear John” on this album is from her relationship with the douchetastic John Mayer.
I really like the song mine, but I do not like the pop remix. I don’t understand why they have to do that. There is nothing wrong with the way it is. But apparently it makes people feel better to hear an electric guitar, over an acoustic guitar. Because if you like an acoustic over an electric than your a country fan, and we can’t have that. As I mentioned before I was highly impressed with this album. I tried my best to keep many of the songs in the good column instead of jumping them over to the Fav/must hear column. 

I’ve had quite a few people say that they don’t really like Taylor Swift, and thats fine, to each their own, but I just thought I would share how great this album is. I like to hear songs that I normally would not have found myself, so consider this one of those times. Go through this list and select a few of them, and preview them on iTunes and you will agree with me. However, iTunes doesn’t always pick the best portion of the song to preview, it’s rather random actually, and can sometimes ruin it for you. I have previewed songs on iTunes before, and not liked them, and then realized later on when I heard the whole song that I really enjoyed them. 

This whole album was written and composed by Taylor Swift, which is a pretty remarkable feat. Many of the artists you listen to do not write their own music, and sometimes when they do attempt to it doesn’t turn out so great. Which is why I think it is weird that so many people don’t care for Taylor Swift. How many people were able to write that many songs by themselves, have them turn out to be really great, and at such a young age.

To each their own, I really believe that you should take a listen to a handful of these songs, you might be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy!


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