The Kings Speech

Picture Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

The Kings Speech is a film about just that. Now don’t turn away just yet. It does have more substance than that. The film stars Colin Firth, who I love, and also Helena Bonham Carter, who is also very intriguing. I was not aware that the king had a stuttering problem, but apparently it plagued him for most of his life. The film follows the Duke of York, later King George the VI. His father, King George the V dies leaving the throne to his son David. Unfortunately, David does not wish to be king, because he would not be able to marry the woman he loves, who was also already married to two men. Prince Albert (The Duke of York), takes the title of King George the VI, once he becomes king. His wife takes him to many speech coaches and physicians to try and help him, but with no luck. She hears about another man who has questionable methods, but none the less she seeks him out. She makes an appointment with this man, played by Geoffrey Rush. Although the Prince/King is stubborn and unwilling to fully cooperate, he begins to make progress with his methods. They have an interesting relationship, but none the less come out as friends. 

I was very interested in seeing this movie, and I was glad to have the opportunity to watch it. However, I don’t necessarily recommend that you see it. If you enjoy historical films you would enjoy it, but it was rather slow and quiet at times. It seemed the audience was getting restless. A women decided to fall down the steps and break her ankle during the film. However rude it may have seemed, I ignored this occurrence, I came for the movie. Also behind us was a couple of foreign ladies who seemed to have forgotten that just because people cannot understand you does not mean we cannot hear you. I assure you, the whole theatre heard you. Back to the film though. I enjoyed the characters and the film itself. Geoffrey Rush’s character brings much humour to the film as well as the relationship between himself and the King.
I only don’t recommend it because I know many of you would not enjoy this film. I would give it a lower rating of around a 6/10 for said reason.



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