The Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

Okay so it’s not the best Zombie impression, but I tried.

A full guide on how to prepare and survive the coming Zombie apocalypse.  I was lent this book, and begun it quickly, as to give it back and get back to some of my other projects.  The book is sectioned into different categories and scenarios.  It tells you which weapons would be best, what to look for to indicate the possibility of a zombie outbreak, and possible shelters.  It tells you what to do in order to secure your home, as well as back up plans.  This could even pertain to real life, and the possibility of the world as we know is collapsing.  It warns of future dangers as the world begins to deteriorate and mass chaos ensues.  It gives many valid points, as well as helpful tips to think about.  Even lists of items each person, and each group should have as supplies.  There is a section on zombies, and how to identify them.  Throughout the book it mentions how to dispose of them as well.   I must admit, that the first half to 3/4 of this book, I found rather dull.  The section on weapons goes into a full account of each weapon, that I skimmed through and even passed altogether.    The most interesting part of this book would be the last 3/4, which involves historical encounters of zombies, dating from 60,000 B.C. to present.  These were very interesting reads.  They almost make you start thinking of conspiracy theories, and what could be out there, and even what is in the world that is being covered up.  Unfortunately, many of these encounters, I’m not sure if names were changed due to privacy, and secrecy, but I was unable to find any such accounts recorded.  Not of the people, or places or even these zombie attacks.  Of course I did not do a full out novel preparing search.  My search consisted of a couple minutes of fast fingers.  So please do not point fingers if by chance a zombie apocalypse does occur, or a zombie is feasting on you as you read this.
Due to this search I have decided not to enjoy this book, but discount much of it as nonsense, which I’m sure is its intend. Good fun and nonsense.  If you do intend on reading this book, I suggest you skim through the first 3/4 of it for helpful survival tips.  Then move on to the last section for a more entertaining read.  Then move on completely.  The concept of the book is enjoyable, and as I have mentioned the “real life encounters” the most entertaining, but over all I would not recommend reading this book.



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