Sense and Sensibility

Picture Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

As promised, here is Sense and Sensibility the movie to go along with my Sense and Sensibility series. First I read the book, which I continued with this film. I will follow it with the BBC tv series, and the monster mash up of Sense and Sensibility and Sea monsters.

Sense and Sensibility includes an array of familiar faces. Some of these include Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, and Alan Rickman. The film adaptation follows much of the story as it should, however, it makes its own changes as do most movies. The film is just over two hours long, despite the fact they selected a few scenes and characters to omit from the film.

Even without these scenes and characters, the film is still able to portray much of the book. The only thing that you miss are the minor characters and events that much of the book takes up. The film almost gives some of the characters more depth, where it was lacking in the book. They also added more to the character of the youngest sister, whom is almost non-existent in the book. Of course it could not do everything the book does for the story, but in a way they compliment each other. What one is lacking, I feel the other makes up for it. The lack of emotion and rushed plot line in the book, come out and flow better in the visual adaptation. Although it was not the greatest movie, and it is over 2 hours long, if you are going to read the book, I suggest you watch the movie. As I said they compliment each other. If you have no plans to read the book, then you can skip the film. The only reason to watch it would be to familiarize yourself with the story of Sense and Sensibility. You will miss out on some, but not enough to take away from the story in its entirety.



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