Goodbye Lullaby by Avril Lavigne

Picture Courtesy of RCA


I will admit before I go any further, that I am biased because I normally enjoy Avril. The album was to be released back in 2009 but Lavigne wanted to change the tone of the album. Lavigne was also fighting with her label to have it the way she wanted, instead of having an over processed album by the record label. I considered getting the deluxe version, because deluxe means more, and more equals better. There are a handful of acoustic versions from the album in the deluxe version, and I don’t really like acoustic versions of songs so I decided to skip that all together.

Favs/Must hears 
3. “Push”

4. “Wish You Were Here”

5. “Smile”

7. “I Love You”

10. “4 Real”

In between

2. “What the Hell”

9. “Not Enough”

11. “Darlin”

12. “Remember When”

13. “Goodbye”

14. “Alice (Extended version)”


Not my fav

1. “Black Star”

6. “Stop Standing There”

8. “Everybody Hurts”


With the deluxe version of the album, you also get a 28min video or dvd of the making of Goodbye Lullaby. Unfortunately, this can be skipped as most of it is waste and could have been cut down into a 5-10min video.

I would also just like to clarify that just because it is under the not fav column, does not mean I do not like the song. I actually like all of the songs on this album. Black star would be the only song close enough to not liking for the simple fact that it is only 1:34 long. I highly recommend that you check her album out. I know most of you are cringing at the fact that it is Avril Lavigne, which is why I made the Favs/Must hear. If your not interested your not gonna want to spend a lot of time, so hopefully these few songs will at least persuade you to give it a chance. Now BUY, BUY, BUY.


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