Sense and Sensibility BBC Mini Series

Picture Courtesy of BBC

I really enjoyed the BBC mini series of Sense and Sensibility. I prefer it over the Hollywood film version despite the fact that it is 3 parts, each almost an hour long. I find that as I watch the movies and read the books I am beginning to enjoy the story more as well, But only by a little bit. As with Pride and Prejudice in comparison between the Hollywood film and the BBC mini series, there are actors from each movie that I would like to take and combine the two. In the BBC version because they had more time, they were able to add a character to the film from the book. In the Hollywood version they removed this character, but it did not effect the film/story at all. This character was Anne Steel, Lucy Steels sister. She was annoying but adds some comedy to the series.

I think the other all theme of this story is how easily people seemed to transfer their love and affection unto others. As well as how some hold on to it despite the fact they are no longer with that person. I don’t believe that is the actual theme, but it sure seems that way. A lover marries someone else for money, and a 4 year engagement is broken to go after the brother. Im still curious as to how the novel Sense and Sensibility was praised with showing emotion that they claimed her other novels lacked.

I think if your going to do something you might as well immerse yourself completely into it. Read the novel, watch the Hollywood version, as well as the BBC mini series, and even check out Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (book review to follow). But because we are talking about the film versions, personally I prefer the BBC mini series, it isn’t that much longer than the Hollywood film.



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