Witch and Wizard + Witch and Wizard: The Gift and Battle for Shadowland (graphic novel)

Witch and Wizard series by James Patterson

I seem to have this problem with books. I see them everywhere, get intrigued and then I really want to read them!   I had seen this book around often and I thought it was going to be like a corny adult fiction.  Which is horrible to say and I would probably like anyway, but I avoided it.  Jamie and I ventured to Costco and as a treat we were both able to pick a book that was around $10.   So I scanned through them all and I picked this one.  However, I quickly googled on my phone and found out the one that I had picked up was The Gift, which is the second book.  I decided to get it anyway, because Costco books are very reasonably priced.  Then I used a chapters gift card I got for Christmas to buy the first one.

The first thing I noticed about this book was how short the chapters were.  I know that some books you can get some short chapters, but I mean short!  Every chapter was only a couple pages.  Technically 4 because of the double sided aspect, but only two pieces of paper.  When it became 3 pages then you knew it was a longer chapter, but always ended there.  At the beginning of each chapter there was always a name.  Either Whit, for Whitford Allgood.  Or Wisty, for Wisteria Allgood.  Whit and Wisty, are the Allgood brother and sister.  Their family is being accused and condemned for being magically gifted.   The brother and sister have no idea of these gifts and so our story begins.  Each chapter is from the opinion of either Wisty or Whit,  but despite the fact that it jumps back and forth it is very easy to follow.
I wouldn’t say this is a grown up book, but I wouldn’t say its much of a kids book either.  I would say early teens.  Some interesting references in the book are anti-religion, which don’t bother me, but Im surprised they haven’t caused an uproar.  I assumed I would have seen a news report about cranky religious parents with a list of banned literature and this being on it.   Which is kind of ironic because there just so happens to be similar such things in the book.
The New Order is a group led by a man known as “The One.”  Everyone is known as “The One Who…”  such as, “The One Who Serves The Fries In The Cafeteria,” to make a fake example.  The world is changing radically, and this group has an agenda, that outlaws such things as book, music, movies, self learning, and any such persons with magical gifts.  The reason that Wisty and Whit are so important is because of some of their powers, and a prophecy.
The characters in the series are entertaining, specifically Wisty, who has a very sarcastic teenage angsty personality. Included in this review is the Witch & Wizard: Battle for Shadowland graphic novel. Unfortunately, I was unaware that it was a graphic novel, due to poor online images and incomplete descriptions. So I ordered this book thinking it would be a third instalment. It was interesting to glance through to see how they portrayed some of the characters. The graphic novel does not follow the two original novels. It plays off these novels and creates a mini story adventure. Comic style books never really interested me. I never even bought the Twilight version, which should give you an idea of how much I don’t really care for them. If your into these you can check them out. As I said they don’t follow the story, but if you were to read it without reading the novels you would miss out on intended effect, but would be able to grasp the concept.
Over all I found these books to be an enjoyable read. Something that made me even more excited to read them was the knowledge that they would soon become a major motion picture. I was a little upset reading The Gift, because I was nearing the end of the book and it says…p.327 “I know there’s not many pages left in this book so at this point you’re wondering where the happy ending is. I may be pretty young, but I’ve figured out that life doesn’t get wrapped up into neat little endings with perfect little bows. I can promise you one thing, though: there’s hope, okay?” This makes you wonder how they are going to wrap everything up in such a short amount of time. And normally I hate books that will spend 500 pages on a journey and 2 pages on a conclusion to all events. But this book was able to complete itself with 3 little words….”to be continued…” This, I was not expecting. I had no idea that there would be a third book. What is even more upsetting is there is nothing on the authors release calendar for this entire year for the third instalment. Hopefully this does not discourage you. These were fun reads and I will definitely keep you updated with when the film is set to be released!


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