Picture Courtesy of New Line Cinema

As promised here is the review for Inkheart the movie, following the novel. Within the first few minutes of the film, I knew that it was starting to differ from the novel. For example, as the movie begins, the narrator tells us how people with the ability to read things out of books are called Silvertongue’s. However, in the novel, the name Silvertongue is given to Mortimer, by Capricorn. Capricorn believes Mortimer to be a sorcerer.

Another thing that was added to the film is the addition of well known stories or characters that were not necessarily in the novel. A few were mentioned, but only as small references or quotes at the beginning of each chapter. I know that you can never capture all the events that occur in a novel, and portray that in a film short enough for one sitting. The movie itself was around 2hrs long, but still left me uneasy.

The depiction of the character of the Shadow was highly disappointing. As I read it, and pictured it in my mind, I understood it to be a hooded figure, almost how many have depicted Death in his robe. In the film, the Shadow is a colossal dust figure with a fire mouth and eyes; almost reminiscent of the beast that fights Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, and something from The Mummy. That was very disappointing to me.

It was interesting how they portrayed those characters who were misread out of the book by a nervous “gifted” reader. These characters had words on their faces and bodies, these words were to represent them not being fully read out of their stories. The reader is not as gifted as some others, but he is nervous because of the vicious villian’s; the film chose to depict him as a stuttering fool.

Although I love the actor they chose to be the author of Inkheart, he was not what I was picturing while reading the novel. And since I had seen the preview for this movie well before I read the book, I was already braced for the fact that Brendan Fraser was the lead. >_<

Not everything I have to say is negative about this film. I loved the way they digitally enhanced and gave Dustfinger the ability to create fire within his hands. I also did not mind the actress that they chose to depict Eleanor. Although I must admit, I would have pictured someone closer to the character of Edna Mode from The Incredibles. Her house was a beautiful mansion sitting right by a lake. I would have loved to have seen move books, endless stacks. I pictured the library from Beauty and the Beast, despite the fact that such a library could only exist is a cartoon, or in my dreams.

As with most books that are turned into motion pictures, the book rules supreme over the film. I really enjoyed the novel and I look forward to reading the next two, but this film hit a sour note. I feel that it could have been executed better and would have been more enjoyable. Sadly, I found myself critiquing most of it, and feeling disappointed. I do not recommend that you see this movie, and that you should stick purely to the novel. Just watching the film only gives you such a small glimpse into the story, that you would be better off reading the film summary, than watching it. So I leave you with those two options. Read the film summary, if you choose to be so lazy and boring, or read the novel and enjoy the adventure the way it was written to be experienced.



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