Life As We Know It

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Life as we know it is a romantic comedy about an unlikely couple. Holly (played by Katherine Heigl), and Messer (played by Josh Duhamel) are friends with a couple who die in an accident, and name them as the guardians of their child.

Yet another predictable movie that I wanted to see. Sadly, maybe a little too predictable. This film is about two hours long and Im not sure if it really needed to be. There weren’t many funny parts despite the fact that it is a comedy. As for the romance side of the film, that was predictable as well. Any good romance movie will leave you with a warm feeling, where as this once was still trying to start that fire with sparks. The movie is filled with conflicting situations that naturally occur in life, along with the side relationships and jobs of the main characters. As with predictable films, everything works out in the end.

As for the benefits of this film, the obvious being Josh Duhamel, I was more interested in the house they were living in. I was also left with a craving for brownies and baking after seeing all the food. This may give you a bit of an idea of my interest in this movie. I have seen worse, but I think this one was just trying too hard and didn’t quite make it. I do not recommend that you see this film. As much potential as it was set up to have, I think this one will be in a $10 Walmart bin pretty fast.


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