Red Riding Hood

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros.

A modern twist on an old tale. It seems that movies these days are all based on books, almost as if they are running out of ideas. Some people think this is a negative, because it shows that there are no new ideas. I do not agree. Books are all made up by new ideas. Sure this one is based off an old idea, but it is altered and given a new life. Also, if you are a reader, you would agree how exciting it is to learn that your book is being turned into a film.

We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood. You have an idea of how the story will go. There will be a girl with a red hood, a grandmother, and a wolf. When thinking about the story there are many things you pick up on and remember from the movie.

I really enjoyed some of the small things they took from stories and brought it into the film. There was a part in the film where there are little straw huts, very reminiscent of The Three Little Pigs. The main story of Little Red Riding Hood has many small things built into the film. Some of which I think would be best left for viewing for yourself. The character of Peter has a very Edward from Twilight vibe, which I obviously enjoyed. 

Despite the fact that the film was an hour and a half, it passed very quickly. I enjoyed this movie, and would definitely watch it again. Nothing really disappointed me, and nothing really wowed me either. I would recommend seeing it as a modern twist on an old tale, but I wouldn’t run to the theatre to see it. You can wait for this one.


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