Picture Courtesy of Screen Gems

A futuristic movie with priests fighting vampires sounded pretty cool to me. I must admit that I may have wanted to watch this movie for the wrong reasons. It looked cool, but I was watching it more for the actors. Paul Bettany, plays the main priest in the film, and he is normally a very good actor. In this film, his acting was a little off. Or perhaps it was just his character, but it fell a bit flat. Cam Gigandet plays a small town sheriff. Many of you may be more familiar with him by the name of James, from Twilight. The one actor I looked forward to seeing the most was the character of Lucy Pace, played by Lilly Collins. Unfortunately, her role was fairly small and you were not able to get a full picture of her acting abilities. The reason why I was so interested in seeing her abilities, is because she has been chosen to play Clary in the “City Of” series. As this series is not fully casted at this time, there is still a bit of a wait for the film. This gives her some time to build on her acting I suppose, to ensure she does not fall flat in this much anticipated film.

Getting back to the film however. It had an interesting storyline, but was very short. The movie was only one hour and twenty-seven minutes long. I believe this could have been made a bit longer to add more to the film. We learn that there is a group of Priests who are the protectors. They are not ordinary people, they are priests with powers. These priests were able to destroy the vampires, saving whats left of the world. People are forced to live in walled cities for protection and are controlled by the church, and god. The priests kill all vampires, and since they are no longer needed are banished to society, living a life of solitude and labour. Word of a vampire attack comes to a priest, and he sets out against the orders of the church.
The story has a lot of potential, but really fell flat. If you look back on the movie it is like nothing happened at all. The build up was rather small, as well as the events in between and even the ending. It was left open ended in case they wanted to build on this, however, with how poorly this one played out, I don’t see a second one in its future. I had high hopes and they failed me. Even having a neutral opinion towards the movie, I don’t think you would enjoy this. Sadly, I do not recommend that you see this movie. Instead wait for the actual “City Of” films to come out to judge Lilly Collins on her acting abilities.


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