The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

I know I am a bit behind on this one, but I have found a way to be able to justify myself. The first film in the chronicles of narnia series was my favourite. The second one was okay as well, but the first one is golden. I’m going to say that the reason it took me so long to get to this one is because the first two films were under Walt Disney Pictures. This one however, has been put under 20th Century Fox which is unacceptable.

The film follows the two youngest Pevensie siblings. The eldest two make appearances, but not enough. I would have felt better if the two eldest were in the film, but even the story does not include the two. The oldest brother is said to be studying for college exams, and the eldest sister is traveling america with the parents. The Pevensie siblings must stay with relatives and live an annoying cousin. Normally there is a reason for coming to Narnia, this time it is more for random adventure, than actual purpose. I will admit that I did not get to this book in the series, despite the fact that they are so small. I have the box set and I did start them at one time, but they have fallen behind, as I have myself. There are many books that I have yet to touch so I guess these will just have to be added to the list for the future.

I really enjoyed some of the small magical touches, characters, and scenes in this film. It added some much needed wonder to the story. Otherwise, this story is a bit bland. As I mentioned, I have not finished the series, so I could not say for sure if there will be another film, but I have a feeling there will not be. I’m thinking they have done all they can do. There is a hint that maybe some of them will come back again, and 20th century may try to cash in on this. If they do come back, it will be new characters and a new stories, possibly with a couple familiar faces. I recommend that you see this movie if you have enjoyed the other Chronicles films, for the simple fact that you cannot not watch a film from a series. Otherwise, I would not recommend that you see this film, it isn’t really necessary if you haven’t seen any others or have no interest in these films.

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