Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

Inkdeath is the final book in the Inkheart trilogy.

As to be expected, the final book in any series is always jam packed with more excitement and all the conclusions. There are also a few small things that end in a way that makes your mind play with possibilities, but the chances of another book are very slim. I don’t believe that this book should have another series, it would take away from the series and be a long book of nonsense just so the author can build on a few small ideas.

Inkspell, the middle book in the series, is of course a stepping stone to Inkdeath. It builds on things from the previous book as well as paves the way for the third instalment. I didn’t really enjoy the second book and believe that much of it could have been left out. The third book was rather long in comparison to both the first and second, but still did not seem as long winded as Inkspell.

A constant fight between good and bad is shown throughout the series through sides, as well as internal struggles. It shows that some people may be good and turn bad. Others are always bad, and others always good. There are also those who come from bad people, but aren’t as bad themselves. And finally the struggle within.

Inkdeath has many more characters in this book both major and minor. There is also a glossary at the end of the novel with many of these names and a description to remind you. The book provides us with many more places, adding to the magic of the Inkworld. Cornelia Funke was able to give life to so many characters that you instantly root for some and hate others. You have to read on faster to get past these characters and wait for the moment when the good guy can finally take the revenge on them for you.

I really enjoyed the concept for these books. There are many things within the book that I thoroughly enjoyed, as well as greatly disliked. Within each book at the ends of the chapters and throughout, there are small sketches. Many of these are rather generic drawings, but have something to do with the chapter. It was through some of these drawings that showed characters from the book that were not at all how I pictured them. Pictures can be fun to look at, but in this case I was thoroughly disappointed at some of these descriptions.

It would be hard for me to recommend this series to you. I enjoyed the first and third book, but not so much the second. If you were able to skip that one I would say to do that, but I don’t believe in skipping or not finishing a series. These were fun reads, but nothing I would put ontop of any list.



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