Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures


It’s surprising that it has taken me this long to see this film, because it is Disney. I think the reason I decided to check it out was that Mandy Moore was the voice of Rapunzel, which I didn’t know.

The film is loosely based off the tale of Rapunzel. It adds a lot of interesting visuals and ideas to the storyline that make it fun to watch. The chameleon is my favourite character in the movie because he is so cute and adds a lot of comedy to the film. They tried to add musical scenes to it to make it more of a classic Disney film. Unfortunately, some of the lyrics could have used some help. They were very poorly written at times and resemble something like Rebecca Black’s Friday song.

I really did enjoy this movie, but it does not shoot very high on my list of favourite Disney movies. As for newer Disney tales, it did well. One thing I thought was very interesting is that instead of automatically making Rapunzel a new Disney princess, she is more of a new Disney character who just happens to be a princess. This will make more sense when we look back in comparison to the Princess and the Frog. They had to put more time into it because they had to add that Princess to the core Disney Princesses seamlessly. We all know it was because there were no black barbies for the girls to play with and look up to. Nothing more.

I recommend that you check this movie out, and give it a chance during some of those not so great musical scenes.



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