The Rite

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros.


I don’t normally care for exorcist movies. They usually turn out to be more funny than they are scary. I guess I figured with Anthony Hopkins it couldn’t be too bad.

The film follows a young priest who questions his faith and his path in life. It isn’t until he goes to Rome and meets Father Lucas, played by Hopkins, that he comes to terms with his fears and in the end realizes what he is meant to do.

The film actually creeped me out more than most films, and made me jump a few times. It had a pretty decent storyline and only seemed completely unreal at certain times during the movie. They have also added digital manipulation to accentuate the faces, which helped make them more disturbing, however also a little more unrealistic. 

Despite the fact that it had a few good things going for it I probably will never watch this movie again. I would suggest that you check it out if your interested in exorcist movies, but it is nothing you would ever buy to watch it again after.


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