Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Prt 2

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


The finale of the Potter mania has finally come to its completion. There have been many ups and downs along the way. Different views during the whole process, having seen some of the movies before I have read the books. Also jumping on the train later on so having many of the books ruined for me. The last book was the only book in the series that was not ruined for me.

I don’t really like the idea of splitting movies into two parts, but I would rather have two long movies, than one really really long poorly done film. As it was the last film there was many lose ends to tie up. It has been awhile since I read the book, and based on some of the scenes in this second film, I am very tempted to reread some of it, as some of them seemed a bit questionable to me.

One thing that really bothered me was the digital editing of Hagrid. I’m not sure why they did this, but they did. The actor was either not available during filming, or else they tried to make him bigger. There were many scenes that the back of him was real, but when it came to the front you could tell it was modified. I really don’t know exactly why it was done, but it definitely did not need to be.

Despite the fact that this was the second part and the final movie, I felt that it had less events. It’s main purpose was to close and tie up all the lose ends. I felt disappointed as the movie came to a close. The only upside was the very ending and how they depicted everything.

In comparison to the first part of the Deathly Hallows, it does not compare. I thoroughly enjoyed the first part. It has many events, many scenes, new magic, and new adventures. The second part lacks much of it and is rather dry. It’s sad to see the whole story come to an end. I enjoyed the whole series and the magical world of Harry Potter. The concept and everything squeezed into it is rather amazing when you think about it, and J.K. Rowling did an exceptional job. It will be hard to top the series, and make anything as wonderful without being reminded of Harry Potter.

I recommend that you see this movie as a finale to the films, but it was not my favourite.



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