Something Borrowed

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Another film based off a best selling novel.  I am continuously drawn to these romantic comedies, or “chick flicks.”  What can I say, they are the best combination.  Whenever I find out a movie is coming out based on a book, I always want to read the book before I see the film.  Unfortunately, I am so backed up in my list of books I want to read and buy, that I wasn’t able to read this one before watching the film.
The film is about a girl who seems to have lost her chance at the man she loves, by not taking chances and allowing him to pass by and end up engaged to her best friend.  The film revolves around the theme of lost chances, taking them before they pass you by, and if they do pass you by to get the balls (or other organs) to do something about them.  Also about standing up for yourself and the things you want, instead of doing what others would like, or what would make them happy.
I got mixed feelings about this film as I watched it.  I would really like to read the novel to see if I get those same feelings.  It seemed to follow much of the basic romantic comedies which you can guess at who loves who and what will happen in the end.  There were also times that I almost feel like they were trying to hard to get the one they wanted, and claim they love them, but from watching the film, may have not been the best person for them.  That may sound confusing, whether you have seen the film or not, but I hope it makes some sense.
In conclusion, I am still leaving this book on my list of things to read, in hopes that it improves my overall opinion.  As it stands with the film alone, I was not really impressed.  I do not suggest that you see this film.

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