Charlie St. Cloud

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures


It’s hard when movies come out, based on a book.  You know before you have even seen the film that the book is better, even thought having read the book.  It is an unfair judgment to say without having seen or read, but usually turns out to be true in the end.
I have a feeling that this film is no exception.  Charlie St.Cloud is based off the book “The Death and Life of Charlie St.Cloud”  which seems like a strange title, and makes you wonder about the change of name from book to film, but makes sense as you watch.

The film stars Zac Efron showing off his grown up self and shedding the imagine of High School Musical.  I would say that his acting abilities have improved, but the script itself didn’t allow for too much depth.  There were emotional times which are the best to gauge, however much of the film involved blank stares and deep in thought poses.

I was not really impressed at times with the backdrops.  Many were clearly green screens.  I understand the difficulty with much of the film being by the water and/or on boat, but it was enough to take me away from the film to notice its faults.

The story is emotional at times, which is probably the films best feature.  In the book, any emotions brought up are within your head, where as the visuals can be more “tear jerking.”  Throughout the film I continuously thought to myself how I would have liked to read the book, and wondered at how the book portrayed certain things within the film.  I really enjoyed the story and the ideas behind the film, but I believe that it was a bit of a flop.  I will be looking into the book for sure, but the film is something I suggest you do not take great pains to see.  If it happens before you, take the chance to view it, otherwise I’m sure your life will continue on just the same.


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