Twilight Saga: The Illustrated Guide

Twilight Saga: The Illustrated Guide by Stephenie Meyer

This is the book that I was looking for when I purchased Twilight and History. You can see a review on said book back from Sept. Strangely enough, the illustrated guide by Stephenie did not come out until 2011. Probably another plan to slowly build and add to the Twilight empire instead of throwing it all at us at once so we can eat it and and move on to the next big thing.

I am very glad that Stephenie finally came out with this guide and think it is a good companion to go along with the Twilight Saga. The book begins with an interview between Stephenie and another author. It gives us a bit of an insight into Stephenie Meyer and what made her start writing Twilight. It is inspirational in a way, because Stephenie had not planned on becoming a writer in anyway. She had a dream and was afraid that she would forget it and decided to write it down. She continued to build on it and before she knew it she had finished twilight and was continuing on with the story. She planned to keep the story to herself, but thanks to friends and family, they persuaded her to publish it and allow the rest of the world to enjoy it as well.

The book gives us a background on almost everything Twilight. It tells us more about Vampires, as well as goes in depth to each vampire clan and even specific vampires. It tells us about them, a brief description, as well as some of their past we may not have known about. The novel also goes into the wolf side of Twilight as well, doing the same as with vampires. We even get to see the vehicles of many of the main characters, and musical inspirations and playlists of songs Meyer would listen to while writing.

A very helpful thing in the book towards the end is a chapter summary for every chapter within each book of the series. This is very useful for catching up on each book between the drawling process of waiting for the films to come out. Of course you could re-read the books, but to be honest, I have such a long list of books I want to read, I couldn’t imagine having time to re-read anything!

This is definitely a great companion for any Twilight fan. The price is a bit steep depending on where you get it from, so if theres any deals or sales wait until then.



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