Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights is a classic novel written by one of the famous Bronte sisters.  The book has been able to gain notice world wide of its own accord, however, more recently I believe pop culture has added to its notice of the younger generation.   This novel has been mentioned in the Twilight Saga, peeking interest to its vast majority of fans.  Also the new fad of monster mash up novels has included Wuthering Heights among its monsters, as Wuthering Bites.  Naturally if one were to read the mash up you have to read the original. It’s interesting, I randomly chose to read this novel, and now I find out there is a new film adaptation coming out this November. I will definitely be checking that out.
Wuthering Heights follows a series of characters who are all connected and family.  The main focus is on the characters of Catherine and Heathcliff.  Heathcliff is found as young child who was without a home.  He is brought home by the father, introducing us to the character of Heathcliff as well the introduction of a downward spiral for all characters.  There is no doubt that Heathcliff was the downfall to many characters, but there is never just one person to blame, and everything is the result of combined actions.
It was my assumption that this novel was a romantic classic.  There are elements of deep passion and love, but to me boarders on irrational behaviour and dramatic fits.  It is not a classic love story, but a dark tale of passion and revenge.
It is always interesting to read current literature and classic novels at the same time.  There is such an extreme difference in writing style and vocabulary that makes you wonder at the declining education of society.  Classic novels have an advanced vocabulary, current literature is average depending on the author and book, and society is completely dumbed down.  Sentences and conversations have gone from lengthy letters and discussions to abbreviated text messages, or tweets.
I enjoyed the style of writing and taking a back seat to listen and learn from all the characters in the novel.  I would say that I enjoyed the novel, but I did not.  The story was filled with many hateful scenarios which made me want to jump into the novel to be able to change the events.  Because of this, you could argue of how well this novel is written that it was able to evoke those feelings.  For this reason, I recommend you to read this novel, but be prepared that it is not the classic love story you might be expecting.


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