We Are The Night

Picture Courtesy Of Constantin Films

We are the night is a German vampire movie. The funny thing about the poster is it does not include the 3rd main vampire. Instead it includes two of the main ones, and the new one. The missing vampire is the pixie, Nora, who reminds me of Alice.  Something I did not notice while watching the film, but realized it after reading, is that the word vampire is never once mentioned in this movie.  The film follows a group of vampire woman living in Berlin.  The leader of the trio is looking for a partner, and brings in a young criminal.  The group live a lavished lifestyle, but the newcomer has trouble coping with her new life.  Before the newcomer is changed, she has a run in with a young cop.  This causes trouble for everyone,  especially when the cops are investigating the deaths of the vampires victims.
Each vampire has their own personality which differs greatly from each other, yet they form a strong bond.  They touch on some of their transformations, but it still makes me wonder why each was chosen.  The leader, Louise, is an older very strong independent woman.  Charlotte is a somber silent movie actress from the 20’s who seems to suffer from depression with her new life.  Lastly of the original trio is Nora.  This character reminds me a lot of what Alice from Twilight might have been.  Alice in Twilight is pixie like, happy and loves fashion.  Nora loves fashion, has the short flipped out hair, a bubbly personality and a high pitched voice.  Nora is more of an extreme than Alice though.  During the film the Lena, the new comer, asks if there are others.  Louise tells Lena that there are about 100 around the world, all women.  She says the men were too power hungry and needed to be dealt with.  Humans killed some, the rest Louise claims the trio took care of.
The film could have had more character development and story.  It seems as though things are always happening, but they happen because they have to.  It was missing something for me.  I really enjoyed the concept of the movie and watching interpretations of vampires.  One of my favourite scenes in this film is the “make over” transformation of Lena.  She is taken back to the vampires home, beaten and bloodied.  She climbs into a bathtub and begins to take off her bandages.  As she does this she watches her wounds heal.  She slides beneath the water, as the blood and scars fade away.  The black dye from her hair disappears to reveal her natural hair colour, and lengthens her hair.  Her eyebrows grow back, and she looks completely different and much prettier.  Her piercings even fall out, and a tattoo vanishes during the transformation.    It is not the best movie I have ever seen but I did enjoy watching it.  Just because it follows female vampires does not make it a chick flick either.  If you enjoy vampire films I think it is worth checking out.

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